After graduating from Sint Lucas in Boxtel, Frank Roex went to the Art academy at AKV | Sint Joost in Den Bosch. Currently he continues his study in the field of abstract painting. He tries to combine the current scientific leaps, within quantum fysics (which researches the creation of matter). With wisdom found in old spirituality, the overlapping symbols of old mysticism and Quantumfysics, tell the story of creation itselve. This is the driving lifeforce, he tries to capture in his art.

Night's alchemy give's birth to many things.

oil paint on cotton

Hall of records

oil paint on cotton
12k gold plated frame
€ 300
They have dated the piramids of Gizeh 12,000 years old.
Which is way older than the Egyptians. Who were these architects with perfect knowledge of sacred geometry and electricity?
There is evidence the pramids are used to conduct energy, but how did we forget this as a species for so long?